Sunday, September 23, 2007

Links, Emails, Schedules, Thoughts

Hi Everyone. Been a busy week of book events, magazine assignments and lingering Otis-headaches. Tomorrow morning, I'm off for LA for some more of the same.

So a few quick things:

First, an updated event schedule. Readings are now scheduled in Boston, New Haven and other places. Hope you can make it to one.

Second, there are some reviews up on the Amazon page. Among them is an absolutely beautiful one from Greg Irish, one of the people I had the privilege of serving with as a volunteer in Zambia. Greg, thank you. Hope we meet again before too long.

Next, as promised, a close-captioned version of Soundproof -- Rebecca Haimowitz's remarkable film.

Finally, don't be a liger, be a snake -- but beware lawnmowers! A valuable lesson in business strategy courtesy of Mununga, Zambia.

Hope you all enjoyed the NPR interview. Up here in Cold Spring, we turned on the radio at 8am, only to find that we could not get the NPR station. Then when we found it, a tree branch came down on the power line and cut power for the day. We ended up listening in the car, which we had to back out the driveway to get reception. Not the easiest way to enjoy it, but sort of fitting.

Back soon with a longer post. Thanks again to everyone who's taken the time to write.


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