Friday, September 14, 2007

NPR page and Prologue

NPR set up a special page to run with the interview. There's a nice summary of the book, a link to Rebecca's video, and the prologue of The Unheard is up there as well.

You can also find the prologue here.

UPDATE: They've added outtakes from the interview that didn't make it into the Weekend Edition Segment.


Blogger gladorca's blog said...

Hi Josh, I learned about you and your book from a pod cast from NPR. I watched the video you posted about you and your brother. It was great. It made me cry. It's great to see what can change. I can hear, but I have a couple swimmers who I coach. They enjoy the swimming, but they miss lots. Thanks for sharing.

11:43 AM  
Blogger thisisrebecca said...

This is wonderful - congratulations, Josh. Too bad they didn't credit the filmmaker at all on the NPR website. Whoever she is ;)

7:30 AM  
Anonymous Barbara Burke said...

Last Saturday I heard a portion of your NPR interview on the car radio. Since I was running errands and my 4 kids can't bear to have NPR on within 'earshot' (they weren't in the car but I couldn't put it on in the kitchen and bump their radio station) I've only just now been able to go to the NPR website and listen to the interview in its entirety. WOW...I'm going to my local bookstore this morning and picking up your book...I can't wait to dive in! Your interview was so inspiring I've now perused your web site, viewed the Talented Rebecca's film [;) back at you Rebecca]and read all sorts of good stuff on World Hum, a website unknown to me, but one I'll be visiting again and again. My daughter and I spent several weeks in Narok, Kenya w/a good Maasai friend and met many of his family/friends and what you said somewhere along this morning's path re: the people you encountered in Zambia and their unadulterated appreciation of the here and now, their humor and that inner light, or whatever one calls it, was what impressed me...I now want to read how you capture that...and a lot your book. Congratulations...and good luck to you and your Verizon family plan partner in Cold Spring. Barbara
PS We've been helping our Maasai friend set up an elementary school for Nomad children in Narok, which is why we were there, to see its near completion...and fulfilling some of my unrequited Peace Corps dreams when I graduated college in 1978!

7:58 AM  

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