Thursday, December 29, 2005

Some things to be thankful for

Whole Foods desserts. The sound of a bus accelerating. The predictable complaints of the Daily News front page. The strong wind that arrives ten seconds before the subway. Black olives, not too salty. The man at the Times Square station dancing the tango with a doll. White chocolate macadamia cookies.

The first breath of cold air in the morning. The shyness of winter sunlight. Clementines. Clean laundry. The goofy silence after an awful joke. A stranger holding a door. The click of nails on a keyboard. Seltzer. A tree. An old man at a crosswalk, leaning over to scratch his dog’s ear. The metallic blue of the Hudson river. The flood of memories from touching a scar. A friendly, talkative woman on the 4 train.

Turn signals. Bird shit. Wood floors. Rain, turning into snow as evening falls. The light of a small lamp, viewed through a window at night. Please stand clear of the closing doors please. A book so good you can’t read it. Children laughing. Children sleeping. The squeak of sneakers on a basketball court. The whump of a slammed car door. The realization there's only children. A green awning.


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