Monday, May 05, 2008

Beautiful Film

Just returned from a screening of Hear and Now, Ilene Taylor Brodsky's deeply personal and touching documentary about the decision of her sixty five year-old parents to get cochlear implants. It's not a political film but it is an engrossing and emotional one that makes a concerned effort to convey a certain deaf experience. The film will premiere on HBO this Thursday, May 8th at 8pm. I had the opportunity to meet Ilene and her folks at the screening; they have an infectious warmth. Hope you get a chance to see it yourself.


Blogger Abbie said...

Thank you for the reminder, Josh! I am looking forward to watching this.

12:57 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I pretty much cried through the whole thing; I learned so much. I saw you in Heeb magazine at some Joes Pub thingy... You're all over! Slow down already. I went to high school with Jordan Carlos (did you meet him there?) Also, I'm pretty sure I saw your brother at a tapas restuarant in DC on Sat night. Does he live there? I met him once at that bar gathering... I was with a bzillion people and couldn't go talk to him but I'm pretty sure it was him... Anyway, tiny world...
Keep writing! Need more! Shosh

11:04 AM  

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