Thursday, March 27, 2008

Really Interesting Article...

About the first deaf player in the NBA. Smart as a whip, yet his old coach had him tested for learning disabilities. Sound familiar to anyone?


Blogger Tales from the CI Gal said...

Yup! They wanted to move me to a mentally retarded class because they did not know what to do with me. Since I spent 7 years from age 3 to 10 without a hearing aid and mainstreamed into school, I was looked at as "dumb." Thank goodness my mom was my biggest advocate. After being rejected by the deaf school as not deaf enough, my mother worked to teach teachers how to teach me. I am thankful for some great teachers, great friends, great hearing aids, and mostly a great family. I graduated 5th in my mainstreamed, no accommodations, no IEP, High School.

So yup it sounds familar maybe too familar. That's why I am a teacher to make sure it does not happen to anyother child that passes through my classroom or school. One child at a time.

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