Sunday, August 14, 2005

You say woozay, i say woozee

Greetings all. Its been a while. Was hard to write through the haze of tylenol-codeine. For the first days after the surgery my thoughts were pretty much restricted to -- I will sleep, I will sleep some more, and now I will sleep on my side. I also have bouts of vertigo where the world spins like an old record and I can taste everything I've ever eaten in the back of my throat. Doc Roland says this is because I have a sensitive inner ear, he has no idea why that is. Well, duh doc, you stuck a butter knife in it. Didn't they teach you that in medical school?

The hospital was fine, slept through most of it. The anesthesiologist wasn't lying when he said, this sedative is really powerful and will put you to sleep really qui --- a low point was when i was moved to the recovery room to my regular bed by two frustrated and blind ex-nascar racers. I think we hit every wall on the 6th and 12th
floors. Then i slept, woken up every six hours or so by teams of residents who wanted to see my wound and ask questions. Our conversations mainly went like this:
"How you feeling?"
"Woozy. Really dizzy. Hurts."
"Great! Just great! Wow, looks great!"

Then to my folks house in the dale, where I used my injury to wheedle for willa's world renown chicken soup. She took one look at me anddecided to head down to DC for Sam's operation, so bro, remember that when you're spooning the good soup next week. My pain = your gain.

So by now you've seen the pics -- behind that nice little scar is abionic ear! First one in the neighborhood. No idea yet how well it will work -- won't know for a few weeks more, but this could be interesting...First, this damn record has to stop spinning.

Thanks again to everyone for all the support.


Blogger jradin said...

you made it! good work. really, so glad you're here. we'll work out a new hairdo.

9:00 PM  
Blogger Bankable Poetry said...

i say keep the hairdo. all the French soccer stars are coiffed the same. and with the bionic power to boot, you could insinuate your way onto Manchester United or Arsenal by tagging a 'Oui' onto a mumbled something.

glad to see you're alive and willing. love from Paris.

11:31 AM  

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