Monday, August 03, 2009

Your Master's Arrival

Some days it is clear that everything in the world is a reflection of everything else.

That is, the worry you feel is shared by every flower and tree you pass and by that dog panting on the porch across the street that just said goodbye to its master and now waits for him as you wait for the future -- full of agony and anxiety, but forever hopeful that he/it will arrive safe.

The numbers are not in your favor. Temperatures rise, bank account balances fall, the roads are dangerous. The course of love begins somewhere and so inevitably, in accordance with the laws of energy, must end. But as the dog stays hopeful, occasionally falling into twitchy, groaning daydreams of pursuit and capture and belly rubs and steaks that melt like butter, so you also stay hopeful and continue onward.

Today the reflecting truth is this: the deaf university and the community around it must change or it dies. The larger reflection: the human experiment shapes up or shuts down.

Now here’s the thing. The odds are not good. But that actually is irrelevant. Whether we get to that change or not, the school or the society, is a story for someone not yet born to write. But what is important, what is the work, is just to hold that hopeful heart, that space that’s never been hurt, that’s never been disappointed, that knows the light is just around the corner. That is holy work! Just like that dog.

And then: when the master comes home – you dance!