Monday, August 06, 2007

New York Times

Times piece is up! Big thanks to everyone who's sent a note along.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Great essay in the times. It was passed around to everyone at work. We're very proud! Can't wait for the book...


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Blogger jorel said...

I met Josh for the first time in Barnes & Noble one afternoon recently. I was headed home after work and stopped in to buy a gift (and always something for myself in a bookstore) and in walks this guy with sort of a quasi McDreamy hair style and two dogs on a leash. How cheeky! He walked right up to counter to pick something up and I had to walk past him, and the dogs, to get out of the store. One of his dogs looked at me and I looked at him and being a sap for any animal, anywhere, anytime, I started to reach down and pet him. But, you know, media frenzi on pit bulls had worked it's magic(paranoia?) on me, and I wasn't sure if the dog even was a pit bull, so I asked this guy if it was ok to pet his dog. When he turned to answer me I noticed two things we had in common, hearing aides and and a nice crop of prosiasis. We talked for a bit on dogs, the store manager came up and told Josh that dogs were not allowed in the store, (how rude!) and I turned to leave - but before doing so I commented on those two things. It's funny how a chance remark, bold and possibly rude by some peoples standards, open doors or windows into a place you know very well, but do not have much opportunity to share with anyone.
Josh commented on how observant I was, which embarassed me, since I am, and sometimes revealing that makes me feel open to criticism , or at least feeling as though I commited a faux pas. They say the blind use other senses to take over for the eyes. Well, true for deafness also. My eyes took over for my ears. Josh invited me to his "blog site" and to write him an e-mail. Ok, I'm really computer literate, I'm an accountant by profession, but blogs? I have two twenty something children, that's their department. I did, however, look him up, read the content of the web site and thought seriously of joining him in Cold Spring for his book release party. Absolutely I will buy the book. Today I read his article in the NY Times and I am struck by how much deaf people, or at least people who have profound hearing loses have lost in their lives. I grew up not knowing that I couldn't hear until I was around 21. In high school I just thought I was stupid. I missed most of what was said. In the course of my family life I with stood many recriminations from my father about how dense I was. I didn't get my first pair of hearing aides until I was well into my thirties. I went back to college around age of 40, armed with hearing aides, unwanted sounds and all, and learned the most valuable thing I have ever learned in my entire life. I am really smart. I have lost myself in books all my life (and yes, I meant to say it that way). I never had to hear anythignwhen I was reading. I have regained some of the self confidence I never had. I treasure that moment that I decided to risk sticking my foot in my mouth and and making that comment to Josh. He doesn't even know it yet, he probably doesn't even remember the meeting in Barnes & Noble, he's young enough to be my son, but he opened a door. My life long dream has been to go to Africa. I will do it. I may even join the peace corp.
Thank you

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Blogger Josh said...


Wow. Thank you so much for your beautiful post.

Let's talk more. Send me an email at joshswiller(at)


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